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Business process change happens on an ongoing basis. Therefore even after implementation, every Organization needs to have an SAP support team in place, so that the day-to-day issues and problems are resolved. Most of the companies worldwide have adopted two methods for handling this support.

  • Develop SAP expertise in house and take special support from specialised service providers (On the call)
  • Outsourcing the complete SAP support Services to a specialised service provider.

Both these methodologies have one common factor in it. That is, some part, or the whole of the SAP support is outsourced to those people with sound SAP & Industry Knowledge.

Few key factors of SAP Service Support

  • Pool of consultants who possess sound experience across wide range of customers will handle SAP issues of the clients on a day to day basis.
  • Effective methodology so adopted will help for building knowledge repository & issues database.
  • Wide range of solution options - external view of the process rather than having a purely inward look into the solution.

Common Issues associated with any SAP Implementation

  • Limited Support - The Implementation consultant will only be available for only two months of support depending upon the agreement.
  • Lack of Expertise - Continuous Improvement needs to be done after Go-Live on the SAP system for increasing the efficiency and utilization, but in house employees / people lack expertise
  • Time & Money - The need is to make available a pool of expertise on SAP so that the problem resolution becomes faster. But when you approach the Consulting firm each time a new consultant comes on board, and he needs to be educated on the problem and the company’s business process. Thereby both the cost and time increase.
  • Limitations – On the call support tends to be myopic and address only the problems, not the process issues. Bigtech provides the ideal solution for the support issues for clients.

Our strengths are

  • A team of highly skilled SAP professionals with a number of implementations to their credit
  • Cross industry expertise coupled with knowledge of Best Business Practices
  • Bigtech ensures the same consultant is made available for the specific customer at most of the time.
  • Process adherence and excellent knowledge repository with reports for analysis of key focus areas